Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Nearly came to a complete stop!

After a flurry of knitting baby things, my knitting almost ground to a complete halt.
Not picked up any of my on going projects for a while any way due to doing a few other bits, but was put off immensely when the charming woman I called a mother had the nerve to accuse me (amongst other nasty things) of spending all my money on wool and gadgets instead of paying my bills and rent. How she arrived at that conclusion I have no idea, bills get paid and my rent is bob on! I hardly ever leave the house and go shopping round town, don't buy clothes for my self, I get the occasional game for my Nintendo DS or PC but thats once in a blue moon when some thing comes out that I fancy, usually sims related! Yarn is all I get some times, so what if I spend (on average) a fiver on my self once a week or so, hardly a crime is is? A lot less than some I know who have a lot less money than me to throw around, but naturally thats forgotten in the urge to accuse me of some thing...
Any way, even tho I shouldn't feel guilty, I do feel guilty, and it made me not want to pick up the needles, but then Dave to the rescue with a request for a knitted phone cover! Wayhey some one to please!
Instantly I thought of a felted case, as its to protect his phone from being knocked around in his pocket when he goes bike riding, but I didn't have a pattern, until the very next day I got a new magazine, Lets Knit, thru my door (thats £1 for 3 issues..) and in it was..a..felted phone pouch! Spooky! Perfect!
So, quick look on Get Knitted, found a some South West Trading Karaoke, for £3 a ball, right weight and it felts!
Have to confess I did play it safe and went for the black sheep colour way (kind of a silvery black) as I didn't want to scare Dave with some thing really bright!
Knitted it up in one evening and have spent most of the day trying to felt it in to submission, which it has done, some what, but not quite enough, so I'm going to have to take a pair of scissors to it I think and borrow Daves phone and cut it to size (leaving enough for the seams naturally!). Well I can't get it spot on every time can I?
This is it so far, I forgot to take a before picture but it was much much bigger!

You can just about make out the silver flecks in it, it will be trimmed down a bit, folded over with the triangle making the flap which I'm going to use velcro to secure and that should be a nice functional piece of knitting!

Ah well, onwards and upwards!

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