Sunday, 23 September 2007

Baby hats!

Hmm realising I've only got 6 weeks to knit the bits I promised my little sister for her baby, I thought I'd better crack on with knitting them, once again my other projects are on hold, so I've got 2 socks with no partners at the moment!
So far, I've cranked out 2 hats in 2 evenings, and they are really sweet!

Vine lace baby hat from knitting daily, in opal petticoat, newborn size

Modified umbilical cord hat, in regia 4ply, newborn size.

The second hat is a version of the umbilical cord hat from the SnB handbook. Originally I think its done in an aran weight which I don't have any of, but what I do have is plenty of spare 4ply! I don't have the pattern for this either, but it was easy enough to work out. The vine lace baby hat, I cast on 81 stitches, so I cast on 8o, knitting until it had a nice curl on it, then knitting till it was about 2inches long from the rolled up edge, decreased k5 k2tog round, k4, k2tog etc with a knit round in between until I had 4 stitches left which I turned in to a 4stitch icord and the job was a good un! Looks just like the version from the book! Was quite pleased with my self..
Going to do some socks today if I can, and probably some mittens. My sister has already got loads of cardigans from my friend kirsty so I'm doing some little things that you need lots of!
Going to be one well kitted out baby by the end of this!

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